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      Heartland church host Easter prayer breakfast

      It was a community Easter prayer breakfast this morning.

      About a dozen people from the community congregated at Rosie's Northtown diner for Willow Bend Church's monthly prayer breakfast.

      Saturday's breakfast was special, since it is Easter weekend and the pastor of the church tells us it was open to the public. He also gave a short message and prayed for those who had special prayer requests

      Pastor John Davison tells us he's proud of the turnout.

      "This is Holy Saturday, and it's the prayer breakfast and we're looking a Jesus' last seven words today and also offering up prayer," Davison tells us. "This is called Willow Bend's monthly prayer breakfast, its open to the community. as a church we're unique because we're a group within groups and church within churches."

      There was also a little surprise at the prayer breakfast, an easter bunny and chicken was there for the kids.

      Pastor Davison also mention that they will be having an Easter service tomorrow morning beginning at 7:30, at the Illinois Bend Community Church.