Heartland church school is going digital

On this week's Faces of Faith...Faith Lutheran School in Kirksville is helping its students go digital in the classroom.

Faith Lutheran School in Kirksville recently became the recipient of a $1,500 literacy grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

The grant award is for a new Literacy Through Technology Program at Faith Lutheran School and will be used to purchase and implement iPads and related apps.

The iPads will be integrated into regular classroom use and will also be used in one-on-one learning activities.

"It's really important to them to help students in their communities to gain the skills they need to be successful in the world," said grant writer Cheryl Flaim.

"There are so many apps that brings the world to their fingertips. Resources you couldn't bring in textbooks are available in the iPad application," said school director Janie Fouch.

Not only has it been embraced by teachers and staff but the students as well.

"They are excited to hook up the iPads in the morning. It really allows them to interact with the world, with one another, and the teachers. So they really have enjoyed it," Fouch said.

"Kids are growing up in a digital world. We did research and learned that students who are struggling in school who was introduced to iPad technology to them, their desire to go to school increases," Flaim said.

With this new day and age of using technology with education many are hoping this will help open even more doors for not only for the students but for the school as a whole.

"It's something we really believe in that is important to our students," Flaim said.

"I see more opportunities more resources we can bring from the outside to make available to our students," Fouch said.

Even before the school received news about the grant, this is the first school year fifth and sixth graders are using iPads for all subjects. It was made possible from donations around the community.