Heartland community donates tons of meat

The heartland community has gone above and beyond to help members of the community in need.

The Food Bank for Northeast and Central Missouri collected 5,831 pounds of meat since its Thursday fundraiser held in conjunction with Hy-Vee and Oscar Mayer.

Tuesday, the Salvation Army and the Christian Food Depot were on hand to pick up the meat.

Salvation Army Lieutenant Brian Bump said both organizations will get 3,000 pounds of meat to give to local families in need.

â??We have a food pantry where individuals can come in and were open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from nine to noon,â?? Bump said.

He said all those in need have to do is come in and ask for the food.

Serving more than 400 people a month the Christian Food Depot received a huge help.

President of the Christian Food Depot Tim Mills said it means a lot to receive all this meat because a lot of people do not donate meat as much as they do can goods, so the food depot has to purchase the meat in order to distribute it to families.

â??The amount of food that was raised by Hy-Vee and Oscar Mayer...I mean 3,000 pounds of meat will definitely spread out a very long ways with the needy families here in town,â?? Mills said.

Mills said the food depot is on a reservation basis.

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