Heartland farmers battle snow

â??The deeper the snow, the worse it is,â?? Robert Magruder said.

For days, a snowstorm has battered the Heartland dropping more than a foot of snow.

While schools and businesses shut down, hospitals remained open, and Heartland farmers still had to feed their cattle.

Farmer Robert Magruder said gusting winds blew drifts as high as his fence.

â??We got about fourteen inches of snow here, and we came out Tuesday with a tractor and bladed out a spot where we can feed,â?? Magruder said.

Magruder said the cold weather is hard on the cattle.

â??You have to feed them a little more,â?? he said. â??We try and over feed them so they can lie on what they don't eat and it kind of makes it better for them.â??

Magruder said he enjoys farming all year, but he does have a favorite season.

â??Summer time; because we don't have snow,â?? Magruder said.

He said all of his life he has been involved with farming.

â??It grows on you,â?? Magruder said. â??It's a lifestyle. If you've never done it, or experienced it you just don't understand it.â??