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      Heartland fire department holds Safety Day for kids

      One Heartland fire department wanted safety to be a top priority this Labor Day weekend.

      The Greencastle Fire Department held a Safety Day as part of the city's annual Labor Day Kids Games event Sunday afternoon.

      There were games played with the theme of safety tied to it. Topics included fire, weather and home safety.

      "It seems like when you start them out younger then that way they will know the worry about it more whenever they get older and I did remember something that the that the Fired Chief mentioned over in Kirksville. He said that you know we we concentrate on the young kids, we concentrate on the elderly, but we don't think about that middle group of kids and he said those are the most important," said Dana Dobrinske Safety Day Coordinator.

      There was also activity books and information pamphlets available. Those were provided by the Kirksville Fire Department and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

      The fire department will hold a Labor Day Lunch Monday after the Greencastle Labor Day Parade. That event is scheduled for 11:30 a.m.