Heartland Health Insurance Navigators host a health care informational

The Heartland Health Insurance Navigator program held an Affordable Care Act presentation Saturday at the Dukum Inn of Kirksville.

Two local navigators were looking to educate more people on the penalties and misconceptions involved as a result of not signing up for health care coverage. One of the facilitators, Pat Selby, told KTVO those in attendance had many questions pertaining to the website.

â??The last day to sign up for this enrollment period is March 31st, so if you're going to do something, you need to do it before that date. You wonâ??t be eligible to do it after unless you have a special enrollment period-- which we spoke about today at our session,â?? said Selby.

There are two upcoming health care informationals. The first session will be held March 22nd at the Northeast Regional Medical Center and the second will be March 29th at the Kirksville Dental Group. You can contact those organizations directly for times.