Heartland helps out tornado victims

While people in Joplin, Missouri continue to comb through the debris trying to pick up the pieces after Sunday's deadly tornado, volunteers from the Heartland are lending a helping hand.

It's being called the deadliest tornado to hit the Show Me state in 50 years. So far, 89 people are dead, but officials say that number could rise.

Now people from all over the United States are lending a helping hand, including from right here in the Heartland.

"Emergency disaster relief is my passion as well as ministry and when I hear things like this, my heart goes out to the victims and those affected," said Major Bill Hogg, The Kirksville Salvation Army.

Four volunteers from The Salvation Army here in Kirksville are now in Joplin doing whatever they can to help out.

"Our deployment is going to be anywhere from 7-10 days and we are going to be doing a number of things," Major Hogg said.

Not only is The Salvation Army bringing much needed items like food, water and clothes, they are also bringing a large truck known as the canteen. Inside is a full size kitchen where they will be preparing meals not only for those affected by the tornado but for the first responders as well.

"Basically we're going to arrive on scene and start giving them food and knowing its going to be a longer disaster its nice to know that food is going to be prepared at a base kitchen and it can be taken out with us or it can be brought out to us and we can feed directly from the vehicle," Major Hogg said.

Not only will Major Hogg provide material things for the victims, he will also provide the emotional support many of them need during a time like this.

"Because I'm a pastor, I will more likely be doing emotional and spiritual care. You know praying with people and meeting with people that way they have a shoulder to cry on," said Major Hogg.

If you would like to donate, The Salvation Army is asking for cash or check donations and you can click here for their website.