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      Heartland hospital shows off its new women's center

      One Heartland hospital shows off its new digs for better women's care.

      Northeast Regional Medical Center along with Healthy Woman invited the community to tour the newly renovated Women's Center and brand new Vein Center Monday afternoon.

      The Women's Center includes renovated mammography and bone density suites and offers same-day breast ultrasounds and MRI while the Vein Center will offer diagnosis and treatment for leg pains and unsightly veins.

      Doctors say this is one more reason of the great medical care northeast Missouri has to offer.

      "The fact we can do better care and faster care for the women of northeast Missouri, especially with mammograms and surgeries," said General Surgeon Charles Zeman, D.O.

      "Myself and the other doctors are trained to do these new vein procedures, and we think we can help out northeast Missouri with the vein problems we do have," said Vascular Surgeon Kent Blanke, D.O.

      For more information on The Women's Center or new Vein Center, click here or call (660) 785-1153.