Heartland hosts a car show as part of Labor Day celebration

The seventh annual community fair was held in Green Castle Saturday as part of the Labor Day weekend celebration.

A car show was held where people from all over the Heartland came to show off their polished up muscle cars.

The show was put on in memory of car lovers who have died in the last year.

Brek Snyder has been the organizer of the event for eleven years and he says it is an intrical part of Green Castle culture.

"The car shows been a part of the Green Castle celebration for twenty three years. Its awesome man thereâ??s a lot of people that have moved away from here that come back for this time of the year every year, and itâ??s awesome to see people you don't get to see every day,â?? said Snyder.

Judges voted on their favorite cars and the top fifteen cars received trophies.

Organizers expect that more than thirty five cars showed up today to be a part of the show.