Heartland Humane holds annual fundraiser for shelter cats and dogs

Heartland Human fundraising at the intersection of Jefferson and Pennsylvania Ave. in Ottumwa.

The Heartland Humane Society held their annual donation drive at the Meridian Credit Union on Friday.

From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., volunteers with the Heartland Humane Society were taking donations from people in the community. They accepted any donation whether it be loose change, cash or pet supplies needed for their operations. The goal was to fill up the backs of two truck beds sitting in the parking lots of the bank and the Lighthouse Plaza across the street at the intersection of Jefferson and Pennsylvania Ave. The trucks were provided by Clemons Ford and Vaughn Automotive.

â??This is the fourth year for this fundraiser, and it's a spectacular one,â?? Darla Jackson said. â??It brings in food supplies and money. We're always in need of these items, whether it be cleaning items or food or bedding, and of course the money always helps us buy things that we need more of that we don't necessarily get more of here today.â??

Hy-Vee Drugstore, Elliot Oil, Klassy Kloset, and Quiznos also helped to support the cause.