Heartland judge seeks to serve second term in office

Judge Philip Prewitt is up for a 2nd term as Associate Circuit Judge.

Judge Philip Prewitt has announced his candidacy to serve another four years as Macon Countyâ??s Associate Circuit Judge. Prewitt says he is preparing his campaign and hoping to be re-elected to a position he believes he is best fit to perform.

â??I have brought efficiency to the position, making sure cases are completed in a timely fashion. I have made other administrative changes to streamline the process, to make sure that people receive fair judgment while at the same time not wasting time that costs money,â?? sayid Prewitt.

Primary elections are held in August 2014 and general elections are held in November 2014. If re-elected, Prewitt will be serving his second term for Macon County citizens. In most counties in the state of Missouri, Circuit Judges and Associate Circuit Judges are elected by popular vote. Vacancies during a term are filled by governor appointment.