Heartland kids have a blast while learning about safety

It was an afternoon dedicated to kids and safety at the Adair County Ambulance District's 13th Annual Kids Day Celebration.

The event was held from 10 a.m to 2 p.m Saturday and several hundred kids were there to participate in all the fun. The kids were able to check out the Kirksville police cars, and Kirksville Fire Department's new rescue engine.

Also, they had a chance to meet first responders as they jumped around the bounce houses out back, and petted Adair County's rescue dog.

Parents were getting educated on child safety seats and even car seats for their pets.

When all the fun was done, people sat down to enjoy a free meal of hot dogs, chips and soda.

"It's just a fun day for kids to come out, see ambulances, fire truck," said Larry Burton, Chief Administrative Officer with the Adair County Ambulance District. " We have bouncy houses in the back, trains. Kids are running around everywhere having a good time. It's just really a celebration to kick off the Emergency Medical Services Week. We start with our kids."

The kids were also able to get a glimpse inside the ambulances used by the Adair County Ambulance District and also a look at Air Evac's helicopter. The Adair County Rural Fire Department and the Adair County Sheriff's Office were also there to meet the kids and show off their equipment.