Heartland kids have a fun time quacking up

At Monday morning's Knee High Naturalists learning session at the Missouri Department of Conservation Office in Kirksville, pre-schoolers got to learn more about waterfowl...mostly ducks and geese.

Conservation officIals taught kids how these animals adapt to both land and water using their wings and webbed feet.

But the feathers got the kids most interested.

"You can really see the light bulb go on when they saw how the oil in the feather pushes the water away. That was a new idea that you could see in their eyes. That's my favorite part of this," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The kids even made their own duck feet and marched in a line like a mother duck with her ducklings.

The next session for the group will be on the first Monday in May when the kids will learn about butterflies.