Heartland man represents Oath Keepers in Ferguson

A Heartland man returns from Ferguson, Mo.

David E. Burden of Downing, Mo., delivered a letter to law enforcement on behalf of the Missouri Oath Keepers condemning the militarization of police.

The letter was addressed as a warning to Governor Nixon, and calls for an increased focus on protecting business owners in Ferguson.

According to Burden, Oath Keepers looks to stop infringements upon freedom across the nation.

"Our purpose is to defend the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and the citizens' rights to live within the Constitution," Burden says. "And not to have it violated by over-handed militarized police tactics."

St. Louis police officer Dan Page was suspended last week for remarks he made to the group. Page is one of many controversial speakers at Oath Keepers events.

His comments included racial slurs and violent calls to action against the government, though Burden says that has not been his experience with the group.

The letter can be viewed on the Oath Keeper's website here.