Heartland man's dark past leads to bright future

Smith was inspired to change his bridle past after reading The Slight Edge, a book from best-selling author Jeff Olson.

A Macon man who experienced a harsh life, full of family hardships, has changed his negative past into a positive future.

Howard Smith, 34, is motivating others by encouraging them to rebuild their future.

Smith was only 4-years-old when his father passed away, and shortly after his mother told the courts she did not want him.

Early on, Smith's behavior reflected neglectivity and despair. He tells us he was going down the wrong path quickly.

"If I've never went through certain things in life, I don't think I'd ever be in position to help other people," Smith said.

Howard has changed his life and is mentioned in the April 2013 issue of Success From Home magazine available at Hastings and newsstands nationwide in mid-March.

Smith was inspired to change his brittle past after reading The Slight Edge, a book from best-selling author Jeff Olson.

He says when he had his first son, he got involved in a networking company and was introduced to the book.

"If it wasn't for some people saying, hey look, I see a leader in you," Smith said. "You know sometimes, we just accept the fact that we might not have been fortunate enough to have this, or fortunate enough to have that, but you can change your life."

Smith says he always tell people that his bad past wasn't by choice, instead he was a victim of his surroundings.

He tells us many aren't willing to put in the sacrifice to actually have a better life, but he wants to encourage others that the sacrifice is well worth it.

Today, Smith is a brand partner with Nerium, an international company aimed at helping people live a better life.

Smith and his family lives in Macon and he teaches his children the importance of reading and recognizing their destiny.

He says he passed another one of Olson's book to his 12-year-old son who reads about 5-10 pages a day.

Smith said he loves motivating young people in helping them realize where you are right now doesn't determine your future.

He said you don't have to accept life as it is.

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