Heartland movie theater 'stuffed' for Thanksgiving

Local movie theaters were packed Thursday with folks looking for some evening fun!

Local movie theaters were packed Thursday with folks looking for some evening fun! Every year Thanksgiving attracts one of the biggest crowds to the movie theaters, and Thursday it showed in the Heartland.

Moviegoers packed the Downtown Cinema 8 Thursday evening to catch a few new flicks with their family. Ty Kausch is visiting his daughter that attends school in the Heartland.

"Well our daughter is going to school here and she didn't have the opportunity to come home," Kausch said. "So we're here spending the day with our daughter trying to find things to do. So the movie theater was the obvious choice."

An obvious choice for many! Dozens and dozens flocked to the cinemas. Whether it's to catch the latest installment of the Bond franchise, or to see the American drama featuring actor Denzel Washington, showgoers grabbed their popcorn and gulped their favorite drink.

KTVO spoke with theater workers and they say the new Twilight movie is blowing the box office.

"I would say Twilight," Daniel Bonnel a worker at the theatre said. "It definitely has to be the biggest movie so far. Theres a lot of people that want to see the Twilight series"

Theater workers say Thanksgiving can be a big draw for them.

Bonnel said, "It really depends on the movies that we're showing at the time. Sometimes we'll see big families come in and its a way to connect and watch a movie together."

For early eating families or families just wanting to enjoy a great motion picture, the theaters were definitely the place to go!