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      Heartland non-profit feels effects of Washington

      Friday, the federal government made a series of forced funding cuts under what's called sequestration.

      President Obama released a "doomsday" list of programs that he says will be hurt by the move cutting 5.1 percent from domestic spending for the remaining seven months of fiscal 2013.

      The Northeast Community Action Corporation (NECAC) in Macon, contracts with the federal government to deliver programs and services that will be adjusted by the 5.1 percent.

      Terri Laughlen, Macon County Coordinator for NECAC said they're still too many unknowns to know what's going to take place.

      "There will be funding cuts, we have budgeted it in," Laughlen said. "So that we will be able to handle. it will mostly affect the summer program which starts June 1st with utility assistance, but we will still take care of our clients as well as we can with the funding we have."

      Laughlen stresses the issue that they have planned and budgeted carefully, so they can continue to serve their clients.

      The cuts will mainly impact NECAC's summer utility assistance.