Heartland pre-teen chases her dream

The negative connotations associated with guns haven't stopped 12-year-old Kaelyn Sullivan from chasing her dreams.

Dedication can be hard to find in your average pre-teen. But with the support from her friends and family, Kaelyn's passion for competitive shooting doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon.

â??I feel like this is where I can really show who I am and it just makes me feel really great when I do it because all that weight that you have thinking that you're not going to do well and then you do it and you have all these people coming and telling you that you did really good and telling you all these pointers,â?? said Kaelyn Sullivan, Competitive Shooter. â??It's just a great feeling.â??

Her love for the sport slowly grew as she watched family members compete at events. Kaelyn was eager to learn and lucky for her, her grandpa was willing to teach.

â??Well it started out, she just wanted to start shooting so we were doing some shooting and everything and another friend of mine in Kirksville was shooting his glock shoots and everything and he got me started off on that and Kaelyn wanted to try it so it just evolved from there,â?? said Tony Fast, Kaelynâ??s coach/grandfather.

Her interest in shooting has evolved from learning gun safety into long weekend trips to competitions. And her parents couldn't be more proud.

â??We are very proud, she has wanted to do this, she has her mind set, she wants to be a champion and we stand behind her a hundred percent,â?? said Jo Sullivan, Kaelynâ??s mother.

Becoming a champion doesn't look to be too far off in the future. Kaelyn has already won numerous competitions and hopes to achieve the title of top junior female as soon as possible.

And along with a little hard work, support from the community and her grandpa as inspiration she feels confident she'll hit nothing but the bullseye.

â??It's just a great feeling to have everybody behind you knowing that you're going to be fine through everything,â?? said Kaelyn Sullivan.

This sport has shown Kaelyn that with a little devotion, her dreams can easily become a reality.