Heartland private school opens doors to future students

One Heartland school opened its doors to potential students.

Mary Immaculate Catholic School in Kirksville held its annual open house this Sunday morning.

Parents and children were invited to the 9 a.m. mass at the church while listening to the school's choir sing songs of praise.

Also, some parents took the time talking about their child's experiences of attending the school.

"Mary Immaculate educates the whole person body and soul united. Mary Immaculate believes that Christ, love, and our faith should be a part of everything we do. It should be a part of their work, study, and play. At Mary Immaculate, being a Christian is a full time effort," said Michele Behnen.

After the mass, parents and kids were treated to coffee and donuts, allowed to look around the school's classrooms and gym while meeting with Principal Sister Ruth Ann Klauser.

For more information, call Mary Immaculate School (660) 665-1006.