Heartland represented on statewide commission

The Heartland will be represented on a special commission appointed by Secretary of State Jason Kander. The commissionâ??s job is to look in to early voting in the state of Missouri.

Among those chosen is Schuyler County Clerk Bree Shaw who told us she is very excited to be part of the commission and will make sure that our rural community's needs are met if early voting becomes a reality here in Missouri.

â??It's a great honor. I was very happy when they called and asked me to join them. I felt that with us being a small community and a rural county that we need somebody to represent us and being only 4 county clerks out of 114 counties and I was one of those, I think it's a great honor. Next week we're going to be going to a meeting in Jeff City and hearing from other states on how they have implemented the early voting and what they did to go about it. â??

After the groups initial meeting on next Wednesday, there will be two additional meetings. The second meeting will take the information they received from the first meeting and deliberations will get underway on implementing the best plan for early voting in the state. A report will then be drafted at the third meeting to determine if early voting is feasible for registered voters in Missouri.