Heartland resident is headed to see Jimmy Kimmel

A Heartland resident is headed to Hollywood California to see Jimmy Kimmel.

Kathy Elsea, a Greentop resident and Truman State Employee won tickets to the show. Elsea entered the 'Search for the Biggest Kimmel Fans in History' contest. Now, she and her daughter will be headed to Los Angeles to be audience members at a live taping of the comedians show. All Elsea had to do to enter was write a short essay.

"You had to submit a 250 word or less essay on why you're the biggest Jimmy Kimmel fan in history, so that about stopped me right there, but then I thought, well he's a comedian, so it doesn't really have to be serious so I just typed some stuff and hit submit," said Elsea.

Elsea and her daughter plan to attend the taping of the show in November.