Heartland residents donate unwanted cell phones to support troops overseas

Heartland residents are encouraged to donate unwanted cell phones.

Not only will the donation keep thousands of cell phones out of landfills, but it also benefits Troops overseas.

The cell phones are turned into calling cards that are then sent to the Troops.

Jan Watts started collecting cell phones in Macon in 2009.

Keeping in contact with her son overseas is what drives her to continue collecting.

Local businesses offered to get involved with her mission by becoming drop-off locations.

Together, Heartland residents have donated over one thousand cell phones.

Phones in any condition are accepted.

Macon Drop-off Locations:

-Bank of Macon (1512 N Missouri)

-Jpâ??s Tux and Tees (101 Vine Street)

Bevier Drop-off Location:

-Cole Motor Sales and Cycles (814 Bloomington Street)

Kirksville Drop-off Location:

-Pro-tech Co (2411 E. Illinois Street)

Moberly Drop-off Location:

-Trusteeâ??s Cycle Shop (W 24 Highway)