Heartland residents go green with geothermal systems

A few Heartland residents had a chance to learn about an alternative form of energy over the weekend as Gilbert Home Comfort held an installation demonstration in Cincinnati, Iowa Saturday.

They hope to debunk some of the common myths about geothermal heating and cooling.

"I think the comfort that people can get from the Geo is probably one of the main things. There's no doubt that the energy savings, when you compare it to conventional natural gas or propane, is another huge draw,â?? said Territory Manager Rick Rockacy.


So just how does it work? A system of pipes is installed four to six feet below the earth's surface where temperatures remain consistent year round.

During the winter months the system, also called the 'loop,â?? absorbs the stored heat and carries it indoors.

The indoor unit then compresses the heat to a higher temperature and distributes it throughout the home.

During the summer months the system reverses by pulling heat out of the home and carrying it back out to the cooler earth.

All this makes for a very noticeable difference according to several customers.

"My bills have gone down, but more important for me was the environmental aspects of it, and it is a, it's hard to explain, it's a clean comfortable heat. It's not warm and then cold, it keeps a constant temperature, and the cooling in the summer is amazing,â?? said customer Patty Timmens.

An added benefit for homeowners who install a geothermal system is a 30 percent federal tax credit. To learn more about the way these geothermal systems work, click here.