Heartland residents weigh in as government shutdown nears an end

Heartland residents weigh in as government shutdown nears conclusion.

After 16 days, the partial government shutdown may be nearing the end and the country could avoid a default.

Just one day before the Federal Government reaches its borrowing limit, Senate leaders announced on Wednesday that they have struck a deal to re-open the government and avert a potentially cataclysmic default on U.S. debt payments.

The final package was unveiled by Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, and Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, on the Senate floor. It would fund the government through Jan. 15 and raise the debt ceiling through Feb. 7.

Wednesday, KTVO went around the Heartland to hear what voters have to say about the shutdown.

"Personally, I think if the government would learn to take the heads out of their back sides, work corporately instead of fighting each other and basically get the job done the first time rather than making 242,000 revisions we might be ok right now and not have so many problems," said John Crocitti of Kirksville.

A few other people told us off camera that the American system is broken and that the country is just a mess.