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      Heartland runner describes experience at Boston Marathon

      Boston, MASS. - As the investigation continues in the Boston Marathon bombings, we're learning more about what those at the scene were going through.

      Fred Peterson of Kirksville participated in the Boston Marathon Monday, and his family was near the explosions. Peterson says he was just under a half mile away from the finish line when the two bombs went off.

      We spoke with Peterson Wednesday, and he and his family are safe. After the first explosion, his son-in-law turned his family including Petersonâ??s wife, daughter and two grandchildren in the opposite direction. But Peterson told us it took 15-minutes for him to learn his family was safe.

      â??You're thinking gee-whiz you're thinking my family, could my lovely grand children be among the ones that are dead? That was obviously where the bomb was going off. Obviously somebody was going to be injured and you don't wish that on anybody, but obviously you hope that it's not affecting your own family,â?? said Peterson.

      His family just came out of a restaurant heading toward the finish line during the explosion.

      â??They saw the blast and my son-in-law who was very astute; he didn't want his children involved because they're 6 and 4 years old. So he just said turn around we're walking away and he got the whole family out of the area and as you know 10 or 15 seconds later there was another blast. So the smart thing to do was to get out of the area unless you were a part of the rescue team,â?? Peterson added.

      Peterson asks that people keep those devastated by Boston Marathon tragedy in their thoughts and prayers as there are still 62 people in the hospital, 12 of them in critical condition.

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