Heartland salon gives donation to cancer treatment center

Christine Thomas receiving donation from Rapture Salon for the George Rea Cancer Treatment Center

A Heartland business donated to the George Rea Cancer Treatment center to help find a cure for cancer.

Donors wanted to keep their donation local. Cancer hits home for owner of Rapture Salon, who lost her mother to cancer.

"We decided this year, my wife sponsored the team, she owns Rapture, that we wanted to do it in memory of her mother who has passed away from breast cancer," said Troy Van Rie husband of Rapture owner and team coach.

The team and salon placed a ribbon on their pink t-shirts in honor of breast cancer.

Staff members of the George Rea Cancer treatment center says they're grateful for the donation.

"It allows some patients that couldn't even afford to come to our center to get treatment it allows them to be able to have access to the treatment that they would not get without this donation," said Christine Thomas, R.N. and operations manager at George Rea Cancer.