Heartland school seeing double, times five

Front to back, right to left: Cristian and Aiden Bergman, Lucy and Will Tiedemann, Karl and Paul Ramberg, Mollie and Melina Mansfield, Suzanna Downing and Suan Blodgett

Staff and students at one Heartland school are seeing double, five times over.

Mary Immaculate School in Kirksville currently has four sets of twins attending classes, thatâ??s ten percent of the 78 students enrolled this fall.

Cristian and Aiden Bergman, Lucy and Will Tiedemann, Mollie and Melina Mansfield and Karl and Paul Ramberg are all part of the unique sibling situation.

Throw in fifth and six grade home room teacher Suzanna Downing and her twin sister Susan Blodgett and Mary Immaculate is busting at the seams with twins.

One might think that many twins would be a problem, but Principal Sister Ruth Ann says it's a blessing, though it does have its challenges.

She says that it's very important for staff and students to remember that just because two children look alike, doesn't mean they aren't individuals, but Sister Ruth Ann says the entire school community goes out of its way to make sure the individual needs of each set of twins is met.

So what's it like to go to school with a twin? We asked the Bergman brothers, who are in kindergarten.

They told KTVO that they like always having someone to play with.

And in case you are wondering how the school community tells the twins apart, Sister Ruth Ann says the parents are great about putting the students in different shirts and shoes.