Heartland school takes the ice bucket challenge

A local church school joined in on the ALS ice bucket challenge with a special guest who lost his wife to the disease.

Randy Smithâ??s wife Becky lost her battle with ALS, and Friday he joined in with the students and staff at the Faith Lutheran School to take the ice bucket challenge.

â??Itâ??s very heartwarming because well you know there's a great sadness. There is a cure out there we just have to find it," said Smith.

The children had fun doing the challenge but they realize that it has a deeper meaning than just dumping ice on your head.

â??Whenever the icy water came on me I'm like freezing. But Iâ??m helping people while I do it," said Faith Lutheran fourth grader Elizabeth Moots.

Faith Lutheran School challenged Mary Immaculate Catholic School to keep the ball rolling, and Randy Smith gave out a personal challenge.

â??Iâ?? d like to challenge Becky's three good friends who teach at Schuyler County. Becky Douglas, Wendy McKinley and Mary Stewart to do the ice bucket challenge," said Smith.

All proceeds from Faith Lutheran school's ice bucket challenge will go to hospice of northeast Missouri.