Heartland schools have different views on radon testing

A bill that would require Iowa school districts to test for radon gas has failed to gain ground in the General Assembly.

The bill would require schools to fix the problem if it was present.

Radon is believed to be leading cause of lung cancer.

Some school districts like Davis County have tested for the gas.

Others like the Ottumwa School district do not feel the need to.

"The legislation a lot of times will pass mandates that are typically unfunded," said Ottumwa School District Superintendent Davis Eidahl. "And then it places a quite a burden on a school district. We don't currently test for radon right now. We just don't feel that it's an issue in our buildings."

Eidahl said Ottumwa District has never had an issue with radon gas.

He did say if the danger presented itself the district would be more than willing to test for it.