Heartland schools participating in World Book Night

Many people across the world are spreading the word of the importance of reading Monday night on World Book Night 2012.

Many countries across the world including the United States are participating by giving away a half-a-million books in one night.

Local Kirksville author Jason Haxton gave away copies of "The Hunger Games" at Brashear Schools.

"I chose in January, a book my daughter liked which was "The Hunger Games." This now a movie, it's very popular. This is the type of book you get more details than the movie. You're going to enjoy it. My kids enjoyed it, so I picked this one to give away," Haxton said.

Haxton said it's important to encourage reading among today's youth.

"The good thing about books is that they are less expensive and allows you to learn and travel to other places," Haxton said. "A book will take you around the world and give you new ideas. It will grow you as a person. I love to be a part of World Book Night."

30 different books by different authors are being given away.

HAXTON says he picked "The Hunger Games" because the current film producer, Lionsgate, turned his book, "The Dibbuk Box," into the movie "The Possession," which is due out on Labor Day.

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