Heartland schools work to provide healthy meals

With growing concerns regarding child nutrition, KTVO went to one Heartland school to see how their school lunch program is working to provide nutritious options on a daily basis.

Brashear School District Superintendent Shelly Shipman says the meals served at the school now are some of the most nutritious she has seen in her almost 30 years working in the district.

There is about $115,000 in their school food program budget and the district does what they can to give a wider variety of healthy foods for both breakfast and lunch.

Shipman says there was some wasted food when the new school lunch guidelines kicked in last year, and the kids were particular about the food, but now the kids are getting a chance to try new foods.

â??I had concerns as to whether we were able to satisfy 18-year-olds and give them enough food to get through the day at lunch. It was a change a first. Now we add more vegetables and fruit so that gives them something extra. They had concerns but I think they're not as worried right now as they were in the past,â?? said Shipman.

Shipman also said the school food program has received a lot of support from parents and the community. They say this is a great benefit and hope this healthy initiative to keep going.