Heartland sophomore students attend a career fair

Sophomore students attend a career fair at the Kirksville Area Technical Center.

Tenth graders from area schools packed the hallways of the Kirksville Area Technical Center for an opportunity they'll likely forever appreciate.

â??Today is our career fair, it's actually an annual event Kirksville Area Technical Center puts together for both Kirksville sophomores, as well as sophomores from area schools and so we've had 300-400 kids invited and come attend and learn about a lot of different careers,â?? said organizer Susan Hazen.

With over 35 presenters sharing information about their chosen career paths, some students' career paths made permanent moves towards their future while others walked away with temporary new looks.

"One of the teachers over here... Mrs. Hazen... was telling me that they were getting haircuts and I was like I need a haircut, mine was getting long, so I went over there and they gave me a free haircut and I think it turned out pretty nice," said student Marco Valencia.

Presenters ranged from law enforcement officers and broadcast journalists to welders and line workmen. Each presenter covered four 20 minute sessions for over 300 students in attendance.

"Iâ??m just so excited with the community support that we've had. Weâ??ve had some wonderful professionals in today, giving their time to young people and that's an important thing that makes education really good," said Hazen.