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      Heartland students compete to challenge their knowledge

      Saturday afternoon area students participated in a quiz bowl competition.

      Kirksville High School students and students in surrounding school districts participated in the fast-paced question-and-answer game! The game challenges students in all areas of knowledge including history, fine arts, literature and current events.

      KTVO ran across Mason Herleth, he's one of the students who participated in the competition.

      "We've done really well, we've won our first two games. We've had some pretty good opponents, but hopefully we'll continue to do well," Herleth said. "There are so many different subjects you cant know everything in one. So it encourages you to learn as much as you can and to just pay attention in class."

      Mason tells us his team has been practicing every week since the beginning of December.

      Quiz bowl competitions are organized by the National Academic Quiz Tournaments across the United States and for all grade levels.

      The game uses a buzzer system and lets players interrupt the reading of the question to score big points. The winning teams get the opportunity to compete in the annual championship.