Heartland students enjoy sledding on their snow day

<p> <font size="2">Many students spent their day off sledding.</font> </p>

Hundreds of kids across the Heartland enjoyed having the day off school Wednesday.

Eight-year-old Zane Kiribakaran said he spent most the morning of the snow day playing board games indoors, before heading to the park with his older brother. The Horace Mann Elementary students had their sleds in hand as they ran up the big hill in Wildwood Park.

"I've had this for two years now," Kiribakaran said. "It hasn't broke yet, so it's pretty good sledding. It goes pretty fast. My mom's boyfriend bought it for us a long time ago, and I use it a lot."

Since the snow was so deep, the boys didn't make it very far down the hill, but they were hoping the snow would be more compact later in the day to give sledding another go.