Heartland teen in need of bone marrow transplant

18-year-old Cody Cohen needs a bone marrow transplant within the next three months

Cody Cohen turned 18 on Saturday. In order for this Fairfield High School senior to see his 19th birthday, he needs a bone marrow transplant within the next three months.

Just last month, Cohen was diagnosed with MDS, a rare blood disorder.

â??We were all saying what can we do to help, what can we do and his mom Laura said we really need bone marrow drives, we need to find a donor because that's really what he needs is a successful bone marrow transplant. And so Mrs. Hill, the school nurse, and I just immediately said we'll do it. If my child needed that Iâ??d want somebody to do that for my child,â?? said Staci Wright, organizer.

Cohen was a starting outside linebacker on the football team this season and his coach said he has the upmost respect for him.

â??Heâ??s very outgoing. Actually he's different on the football field -- he's very serious in what he does out there but around school he likes to have fun at school -- kind of a practical joker and he has a good time and his classmates have a good time with him,â?? said Mike Schenck, FHS football coach.

â??Cody is a really friendly guy -- always quick with a joke, always happy, upbeat, first to raise his hand in class,â?? said Jake Kessel, classmate.

The Fairfield community has really come together for Cohen.

Although this is a scary time for Cohen, friends say he has showed strength and courage and has stayed positive.

So give the gift of life and become a bone marrow donor.