Heartland town reunion unites community

Peopled gathered for Glenwood Reunion celebration.

It's a tradition that brought tens of thousands to enjoy a Heartland reunion in a Heartland town, many years ago.

The Glenwood Reunion is not that big, but the celebration is still big in the hearts of Glenwood residents.

The reunion is one that celebrates the town and puts new energy into the community.

"This has been going on since 2002," said Bernice Kenney, a committee member. "Many Years ago my grandmother was instrumental in getting this started and they had it for many years. Then it was disbanded and then they kind of picked it back up in 2002. I've been working with them for probably the last 4-5 years."

The reunion was for the young, old and even your furry friends.

There were more than 30 cars in the antique car show and plenty of fun at the reunion on Saturday. There were bounce houses, live bands, singers and even grand prizes.