Heartland veteran receives prestigious war medal

Carold Bland displays his French Legion of Honor Medal.

A Heartland veteran has earned a very high honor for his service in France during World War II.

Carold Bland was drafted to serve in the U.S. Army almost 70 years ago, so he was very surprised to learn that his service is still being recognized today.

Bland is one of a handful of men to receive the French Legion of Honor Medal, the highest honor that can be given to any soldier that fights in the service of France.

Bland received this special honor for his service in the Battle of the Colmar Pocket, a turning point in World War II that took back a major German stronghold in France.

Bland says he doesn't consider his actions heroic, but he's proud of his contribution.

â??To the French people, we liberated them. We gave them our youth, we gave them our all of our...we lost lives, so many young people died, but we saved them and they appreciate it. So I'm proud that I got it but I don't feel like a hero,â?? said Bland.

To hear more about Bland's service during the war and his latest honor, be sure to watch KTVO news at 10 on February 13th.