Heartland woman charged with killing infant gets trial date

Amy Romero, 29, charged with murder / provided by KEYC TV

More details are becoming available regarding a Milan, Mo. woman who was arrested in January in connection with the death of an infant in the state of Minnesota.

Amy Romero, 29, who was living in Milan at the time of her arrest, is charged with first, second and third degree murder, second degree manslaughter, neglect of a child and endangering a child. All the charges are felonies.

According to the Sibley County Minnesota Sheriff's Office, it is alleged that back in 2001, Romero gave birth to a baby girl at her Sibley County residence. Investigators say she caused the baby's death by taking her out to a wooded area and leaving her there.

According to newly released court papers, Romero told authorities, quote, "I suppose the coyotes ate her."

Romero's trial is set to begin September 11.

View the court documents here.

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