Heavy rain causes La Plata City Hall move

Heavy rainfall forced a La Plata City Hall to move to a new location after wall collapse.

Northeast Missouri has received about 5 inches of rain since Saturday, and it has forced one local city hall to move to a new location.

City employees came in to work at La Plata City Hall Tuesday morning to discover parts of the old brick wall in the back part of the building had crumbled away.

Structural engineers came in to evaluate the building and determined that the structure is unfit for city hall duties to be continued there and they need to be moved.

It was a scenario city employees knew would happen sooner or later.

"It's been coming down for years, it was showing signs of it. If you look at the wall, it's still slanted. It will eventually come completely down. That's why they wanted us to move out. They didn't feel it was safe at all," said La Plata Mayor Charlie Thompson.

Due to the situation, the city council held a special meeting Tuesday night to meet with the owner of the old La Plata Pharmacy who is selling the property. The two parties reached an agreement and city hall employees spent all day Wednesday moving into the former pharmacy a few doors down. That will be the permanent new location for La Plata City Hall.

Thompson hopes city hall will be up and running Thursday and that employees will be completely settled in by sometime next week.