Heavy snow brings out heavy machinery

The biggest snow of the season so far is upon us. Now, it's time to dig out. With temperatures hanging around the 32-degree mark, the snow that fell was wetter than normal.

While this snow is perfect for building snow men and making forts, it is heavier, which makes shoveling a more trenuous task. So strenuous in fact, a Kirksville business that does snow removal is getting twice as many calls as it normally does.

â??It's been much busier than normal. I think the biggest thing is with wet snow like we have today it's heavier. Home owners that normally push their own drives are coming out and doing a quarter of the driveway and saying it's too heavy for us to finish this we're gonna pay those Trumascape kids to come in. You just gotta know the order of operations. You get the small stuff out of the way first so the big machinery can come in and just bust it out.â?? said John Nollan.

Nollan says his company will clear at least 150 properties in Kirksville throughout the overnight hours. If you have high blood pressure, doctors highly recommend that you have someone clear your driveway for you because the risk for a heart attack is higher when doing strenuous activities in the cold conditions.