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      Heavy snow could cause roof collapse

      Although it's officially spring, we know that snow storms can cause problems, not only for the roads, but also for our homes and other buildings.

      Accumulating snow and ice may be pushing your roof to its breaking point. Roofing experts say the biggest concern is for flat roofs. They say with sloped roofs, snow doesn't accumulate like it does on a flat roof.

      Nick Oliver with Lancaster Lumber tells us unfortunately there's not much you can do structurally to prevent it.

      "Too much snow on a roof can cause pretty serious problems which could eventually lead to a collapse," Oliver said. "Most roofs are engineered to have enough snow that they'll handle 2 1/2 to 3 ft. If it stays piled up for too long though, it can cause ice to dam up or to slide off and take gutter and stuff like that off."

      Oliver tells us you'll be able to hear crackling or moving if you suspect your roof is giving out. He recommends placing heating cables on your roof to help melt away the snow.