Help bring equality to Missouri

â??I feel like weâ??re doing something really important here,â?? Monica Nelson co-founder of Missourians for Equality said.

Aaron Malin and Monica Nelson founded the organization with the goal to change the non-discrimination policy in Missouri to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

â??We had to file with the Secretary of State's office the proposed ballot language and we did that on November 7,â?? Nelson said.

The two just recently found out that the Secretary of States office approved the proposed ballot language, but thatâ??s just the beginning.

â??We need about 105,000 signatures ... and that needs to be accomplished by May 2014 to get it on the ballot for November 2014,â?? she said.

So, to celebrate the beginning of this journey the organization is holding a campaign kickoff event Saturday at the Trinity Episcopal Church where they want people to come and learn about the organization and sign the petition.

Nelson said she is proud of her accomplishments.

â??It feels pretty amazing,â?? she said. â??Because, I am a member of the LGBT community, and I have always felt strongly about equal rights for everybody, but Iâ??ve always been kind of on the sidelines. And, this gave me a chance to finally get into the game and so it just feels great and wonderful.â??

The kick off event will be Saturday at the Trinity Episcopal Church from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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