Help less fortunate pre-kindergarteners get essential services for education

Even we knew the sequester was going into effect in March, we are just now starting to realize the effects it will have on some institutions coming up in August.

The Head Start program in the heartland will see a 5.27%cut in federal funding which translates to $106,812 cut from the Head Start program as well as $175,500 that will need to be redirected to cover health care costs. This will result in 6 jobs cut in the Kirksville program, 4 in Schuyler, and the complete closure of the facility in Kahoka, Missouri.

Some children will also have to be turned away from the program all together in a time where they need guidance and education the most during their most critical time of development. Also, money cut from the program will have other effects on the surrounding communities.

â??That's over a quarter of a million dollars that we're not going to have to spend in Northeast Missouri and when that travels around to businesses, we buy food in the stores for our children's meals, we employ people, we buy gas for our busses, we have our busses maintained in our area. So these dollars are not going to be circulated around our community if we're not getting them,â?? said Penny Miles, Northeast Missouriâ??s Community Action Executive Director.

If you feel Missouri should increase funding for the Head Start Program, contact our local senators using the links below:

State Representative Rolodex:

Senator McCaskill:

Senator Blunt: