Help make Ottumwa shine!

Members of the Ottumwa community, you are being asked to help make Ottumwa shine the week of Monday, April 30.

It is a week dedicated to picking up trash throughout various areas of the community.

â??We've got downtown areas, the Main Street folks are looking for people to help them and we've got other areas out around the mall, around the different highway bypasses. On Highway 63 -- I mean you name a neighborhood -- we've probably got an area that you can adopt,â?? said Jody Gates, director of health inspections and solid waste.

â??Make Ottumwa Shine Weekâ?? has been going on for more than ten years. This is a great opportunity to get together with friends and family and spend time outside all while doing some good.

â??Anyone who hasn't done this before, who hasn't gone along the roadside and picked up litter, it probably is eye-opening for them. They probably can't imagine all the different things you would actually find along the roadside or that there would be the quantity of it,â?? said Gates.

Purple bags and gloves to be used during the cleanup can be picked up at the Recycling Center or room 204 at City Hall. For more information contact Jody Gates at (641) 683-0694 or by email at