Help paint the Heartland red


is not only is National Heart Month, but Friday was also National Wear Red Day.

â??One of my dear friends says it's all about whom she recognizes in her own family that she's honoring today,â?? said Lisa Archer, a registered nurse in Kirksville. â??Sheâ??s remembering that her grandpa and her nephew and her cousin suffer from cardiac disease, and she wants to remember them and support them and know that they're not alone.â??

Heart disease kills one in every three people across the country, but health officials say you can reduce your risks by eating healthy, exercising and not smoking.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some of the risk factors of heart disease are:

*High blood pressure

*High cholesterol



*Being overweight

*Having a family history of early heart disease.

The symptoms are different between men and women.

Archer, who works at Northeast Regional Medical Center, said if you feel like you're having a heart attack, there's only one thing to do, and it may seem obvious, but she said people often don't do it.

â??The big thing is call 911, and weâ??re struggling to get that news out to people because people feel like they can drive faster than an ambulance,â?? Archer said. â??The thing that we like to convey is that an ambulance is like a mobile emergency room. They're able to start some of the treatments in there that kind of get things ready for when they arrive in our ER.â??

Archer said she knows some people hesitate to take the ambulance because of cost, but she said she can not stress enough how important they are.

â??They are more than just fast wheels,â?? Archer said. â??They are actually treatment early before you even get to the hospital.â??

Rocking the Town Red

Kirksville will be celebrating National Heart Awareness Month by â??Rocking the Town Redâ?? on February 22.

You will see store fronts, street lamps and water fountains with red lights, and family & friends wearing red shirts.

Archer said their hope is that everyone in the community will enjoy a casual Friday with jeans & red shirts.

The proceeds will benefit NEMO Heart Health in its continued mission to improve the heart health of our friends and family.

NEMO Heart Health & Northeast Regional Heart Center T-Shirts are $15, and the Rock the Town Red shirts are $5.

All proceeds stay local to support maintenance of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), NEMO RAAWKS (childhood obesity campaign) and CPR education.

You can contact Lisa Archer by email or by phone 660-785-1403.