Help raise money to send a southeast Iowa girl to a special camp

The Pizza Ranch in Fairfield, Iowa is holding a tip night for Willow so she can attend camp with other kids with type one and type two diabetes.

If you do not have dinner plans Thursday evening, forget about cooking, Pizza Ranch in Fairfield, Iowa is holding a â??tip nightâ?? for a good cause.

Willow Findley was recently diagnosed with type one diabetes and is raising money through the event and by selling special cookbooks to go to summer camp.

â??I am raising money to go to Camp Hertko Hallow. It is a camp for kids with type one and type two diabetes. What you do there is play baseball, go on zip lines, go swimming, just about everything. The cookbook has recipes for everybody and there is a gluten free section too. In the back of the book is a section for younger kids, with fun things to do,â?? said Willow.

Willowâ??s dad, Les, spoke with KTVO about how her life changed when she was diagnosed with diabetes just over a month ago.

â??Her life is more structured. You got to do your meals, try to keep them at a consistent level so you keep that blood sugar level at a consistent level instead of the yo-yo going up and down,â?? said Les.

Les says that this camp is great, being that his daughter and other kids will realize that they are not alone in their fight.

â??For kids with type one and type two diabetes, where they can interact with other kids and just be kids, and for other people that have the same disease. So they know there are other people out there and it is just not them going through this,â?? said Les.

For Willow to get the proceeds from the event, take a picture of the flyer


on her fundraising page. The event takes place from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. at the Pizza Ranch in Fairfield, Iowa.