Help town give park a new 'swing'

Bucklin Park

Swings are cracked; chains are rusted; ladders are broken and concrete is busted and yet, kids in Bucklin still play at the park.

The community is coming together to give children a better place to play.

â??I thought about it for a long time and put it off," said Organizer Tammy Standley said. "I just thought about who would be good to help me with this; who would have some passion for something like this and that's when I thought about Darla."

Standley enlisted the help of Darla Noah and created a fundraising campaign to update the playground equipment at the park. Noah said the amount of people who have donated is amazing. â??When we started we thought we were going to need a grant and maybe have $5,000 â?¦ so to reach $14,000 in a month just blew us away,â?? Noah said.

Not only is the playground equipment falling apart, so is the basketball court that is also getting a makeover. Noah said years ago someone kindly donated the residential playground equipment, but it is not safe for the children to play on anymore. The mayor of Bucklin is like a proud parent when he thinks about the city. â??This has been one of the greatest things that Bucklin has seen in a long time. Itâ??s brought all of the community together,â?? said Mayor Don Noah.

The story does not end here. Mark Williams said he did not have much to give, so decided to do something more. â??I really wanted to do something, but personally I could only give so much," Williams said. "Iâ??ve gotten a lot of flack about my hair, and I thought ... maybe if I offer to shave my head if they raise a certain amount of money ... and they did."

Everyone in the Bucklin has come together. â??I'm pretty proud of it, and you know people like Mark shaving his head and all that's stuff you know it's good to see them come together and support their community,â?? said Donator Kevin Behrman.

So far, people from every nook and cranny have come together and raised $14,288, and they are not too far away from their goal of $19,100.

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