Help your child's school win $150,000 with a click of a button

Your childâ??s school could win up to $150,000 and itâ??s as easy as clicking a button.

U.S. Cellular is set to launch their $1 million â??Calling All Communitiesâ?? campaign in September.

This is the fourth year the cell phone provider is hosting the campaign. Itâ??s a competition that awards the top 18 schools across the country with some much needed money.

The school with the most votes will win $150,000 and the next 17 schools will each receive $50,000.

â??The schools can use it to fund the projects for anything they like,â?? said U.S Cellular store manager, Amanda Dunwoody. â??In the past, schools have used it to make building improvements; they've also used it for technology upgrades such as computer labs and science labs. $150,000 can buy a school 230 laptop computers and $50,000 can purchase 100 Galaxy Tablets like the one we carry in our store.â??

The contest is open to all schools across the nation, public and private, kindergarten through 12th grade.

Two separate schools in Missouri have won the last two years, and nine Missouri schools were in the top 100 last year.

â??There was a school in Taos, Missouri that won two years ago, and they were able to purchase a new floor for their gym that they would not have been able to do otherwise,â?? Dunwoody said. â??We also had a winner in Missouri last year,Immaculate Conception in Jefferson City.â??

Although the campaign doesnâ??t launch until September, organizers say this is the perfect time to get the word out.

â??I just want to stress how important it is to go ahead and get your campaign started now. Use these summer months to really spread the word in order to get your community rallied,â?? Dunwoody said. â??You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Also, while you're out at sporting events that occur over the summer, just use those opportunities to spread the word and really get your community involved and rallied behind it so that in September, you're ready to go and everyone knows they need to come in and vote.â??

Again, â??Calling All Communitiesâ?? doesnâ??t launch until September and you donâ??t have to be a U.S. Cellular customer to vote for your childâ??s school.

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