Help your drought stricken plants

This summerâ??s drought has taken its toll on plants and trees around the Heartland. The University of Missouri Extension office in Kirksville has received so many phone calls that they are teaming up with the Missouri Department of Conservation to present a program â??Caring for plants after the drought.â??

â??The Adair County Extension Center and the Missouri Department of Conservation are offering a class this Thursday, October 11, from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Department of Conservation center, across from Days Inn. We will be addressing homeowners concerns such as what to do with there dead trees or trees impacted by the drought. Also, we will be discussing planting new trees, plant selection, pruning, general tree care for these drought stricken plants," University of Missouri Extension Horticulture Specialist Jennifer Schutter said.

University of Missouri Horticulture Specialists and Missouri Conservation Resource Foresters will be presenting the program. Cost is free and is open to the public, plus there is no need to sign up in advance.

For more information you can contact the University of Missouri Extension at 660-665-9866.