Here we snow again

MoDOT is preparing the highways for Monday nightâ??s storm, but there is also something they would like you to do to get prepared.

MoDOT said they often hear from people that when they plow, snow is placed right back into their driveways where they have just shoveled.

Amy Crawford, MoDOT Area Engineer, said there is a proper way to shovel your driveway so this won't happen.

â??Basically, you need to clear a space in front of your driveway on the upstream side of your driveway, which is if your standing in your driveway would typically be to the left so that we have room for the snow that comes off the plow to go,â?? Crawford said. â??And, it will fill that space instead of your driveway.â??

Click HERE to find a link for more information on how to properly shovel your driveway.